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  • Teja Miryala

    Hi Team,

    I bought the fastrack reflex a week ago. I found that the pedometer is calculating and considering it as steps when I’m driving a car or bike by simply moving the hand.
    I also found that by sitting in a place if we move our hand as we are running the pedometer is treating it as running and calculating it as steps taken on that day.

    Please need a solution to this Problem.

    Abhishek Sharma

    Facing the same issue. This is a basic requirement for a tracker and it should be resolved


    Hey guys,

    All Activity trackers measure steps when your hand moves. This is how the accelerometer sensors work. The steps measured in your daily bike rides should be discounted to give you an actual measure of your activity.

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    Abhishek Sharma

    Hi Thanks for your response.

    If this is the case, in case i am riding my bicycle, will the tracker record my activity? Since i m not moving my hands, but moving my legs.

    In ideal scenario, i record my bicycle rides using strava, which pushes the data to my iPhone health app. If the reflex starts reading data from iPhone health app, wouldn’t it make more sense.



    Try going into settings and changing the stride length I set it as 100
    It’s now calculating pretty efficiently and hand movements are not noticed …. I don’t know about bike/scooter
    Hope this helps
    Regards ,

    Vaishali Desai

    ‘Try going into settings and changing the stride length I set it as 100.

    Can you please advise where exactly in app the settings are there, because there are goal settings and band settings. I did not find anything related to adjustment of stride length

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